Friday, September 10, 2010

Simple way to hack facebook Account

This method is real and it works.

Without much stories I'm directly going into the steps involved in facebook hacking.
Before i get into the process, let me explain  a few things.

Email Address- Almost everyone has email address, like you. This is great and the most important in this process. Also i assume you know how to use internet like access emails(e.g. yahoo , gmail). Very simple.

Now follow the steps below and I assure you that you will hack facebook.

1. Go to a cyber cafe and and locate a computer where the owner has not signed out from email.

2. Open a new facebook page.

3. At the Email enter his / her email.

4. At the password enter "hack123"

5. If the password is incorrect then you are at the right track. His/her photo will appear meaning email is correct.

6. Again Enter "hack123" as password. For the second time.

7. Again Enter "hack123" as password. For the third time.

8. Choose the option of reseting the password.

9. Enter his/ her email address. Click continue

10. Confirm password reset by clicking Reset my password..At this time a code is sent to the email address that you have used. Check his/ her email you will find the code there. Copy it .

11. Place at the confirmation reset textbox then click submit.

12 You have hacked it . Put your own password and you are in.

All the information provided on this site are for educational purposes only.
The site is no way responsible for any misuse of the information.
Thank you .....Onyango.


  1. BullSHIT, how do u check his/her email if you don't have his/her email password. FUCK!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm You have ommited step 1. It seems youve already sent the code. Ask the user to give it to you.

  3. Jinga Xana, my prey uses Cell fon. How can I convince the prey to go to the Cyber?

    "Can u pls go and surf @the cyber nearby coz i want to HACK your fb account?"

  4. You can easily hack me. Very soon we will reveal how to HACK facebook from cell phone. Dont worry your prey is soon. getting hacked.

  5. There is no way a you can see the password sent to the person whose facebook account you are trying to crack, if you don't know the password to their e-mail address.

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  8. This doesnt work, even if u have all the passwords u stil wont get into the fb acc after reseting the password. mwenye hii blog achana kugoogle vitu na kucopy paste. fala kabisa. try this methos with ua own acc uone kama utamake

  9. Please copy the code sent to your phone (----) and paste as reply to this comment for Google hack hints

  10. Contact for any type of hacking /database services they offer different services on different range of hacking issues and also helps to retrieve accounts that have been taken by hackers The way he do it I have no idea but they do.